Our Sectors

Legal Services


Working for law firms, helping lawyers and their clients to find the answers they need to assist in bringing legal proceedings to a prompt resolution.

As experts in investigation and analysis, we consistently produce key intelligence on people, places and financial assets, gathering evidence in the event of a dispute to assist in ensuring a positive result on behalf of your clients.

Our services are designed with you and your clients in mind, providing you with professional advice and international investigative support that help you get to the crux of the matter.

We are experienced in complex, cross-jurisdictional cases, and all information provided is sourced ethically and complies with local laws, ensuring full admissibility.

  • Public Record and Database Research
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Asset Identification
  • Surveillance Management
  • Trace Investigations
  • Witness Location and Expert Statements
  • Polygraph Testing

Evidence gathering

We gather evidence for litigators and arbitrators by offering technology-driven investigative support for legal proceedings, disputes and investigations, combining specialist software with public record research expertise and extensive international source networks.

Asset tracing

We undertake global asset tracing projects in support of litigation. We look to identify easily attachable assets in the first instance, understanding our clients’ need to focus on actionable intelligence while keeping costs proportionate.

Expert witness

We regularly provide expert opinion to support court proceedings. Recent expert witness statements have involved assessing the security position of a particular region and giving guidance on the asset position of a litigant.

Cyber security assessments

Our risk assessments are designed to be detailed with clear and concise reporting to enable firms to fully understand the vulnerabilities present across business control functions. Our management reporting and risk register serves as the basis on which to implement a tailored and effective information security strategy that supports critical productivity needs.

Due diligence reporting

We support compliance teams at legal and professional services firms with due diligence on corporate clients for major transactions. We also help firms with their on-boarding for private individuals by providing independent assessments of the source of wealth and political exposure.