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Our team of experienced analysts, researchers, legal experts, IT and forensic investigation professionals are available to provide advice and guidance to help you meet every business challenge-real or anticipated.

Forensic accounting

Most business people are familiar with an accounting audit which looks at the business performance and compliance from a numbers and process perspective. Forensic accounting is a little different. It takes into account motivation, particularly the motivation employees or business partners may have to defraud your business.

Due diligence

Entering into new business ventures even with companies and individuals you know, is always associated with an element of risk, often quite a large element. Effective due diligence is an essential process all companies have to implement. Blackhawk’s due diligence services, including buy side due diligence, aim to de-risk your next venture, whether from a legal, financial or commercial perspective.


Around 70% of companies surveyed have reported losses through at least one type of corporate fraud in 2013, according to an international report by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The previous year it was 61%.

Global fraud is on the rampage and the need for companies to turn to discrete corporate has never been greater. Investigation agencies

Often it can start with nothing more than a bad feeling about a set of events within your company – something doesn’t quite add up. Or, you’ve discovered some evidence to support fraud being committed against you and need some outside, but discreet assistance, to put the pieces together.