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We are Mias

We help clients manage risk and protect their reputations through the provision and analysis of information. We work on one-off assignments and long-term projects for a wide range of organisations, from financial institutions, law firms and family offices to multilateral organisations.

The foundation of our business is client confidence and getting the results our client requires we are committed to helping our clients build organisations that are secure, compliant and resilient in an age of ever-changing risk and connectivity.

We can supply bespoke security to safeguard companies and private individuals from information theft. fully trained, our operatives continue to pursue professional development and familiarity with the latest trends and changes

We work for

Confidentiality is important to many of the organisations we work for, so we don’t identify clients as a matter of course. They include national and multinational businesses in all sectors, law firms, and government departments from many parts of the world and an increasing number of non-governmental organisations.

We also support small and medium-sized national and international companies on their journey to greater security, compliance and resilience.

Our private clients range from single family offices to entrepreneurs, sports professionals and celebrities, our professional and responsive service is discreet, we offer personal security both at home and overseas.



Meet our Team at Mias

Ian Sweeney

Operations director

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is an important offering that extra level of security. Ian is a former British soldier and specialist in electronic counter measures and interception.

Highly experienced in all aspects of counter espionage Ian advises all our clients on how best to keep communications and intellectual property secure.

Ian has also written, contributed articles for security magazines and has been a consultant for a fictional spy series

Amir B.D

Head Consultant of the Intelligence & Investigations Team

Head Consultant of the Intelligence & Investigations Team at Mias Consultants International

Amir B.D is an ex-governmental intelligence field case officer with over 25 years of experience in human and technical intelligence gathering operations. Using state-of-the-art spyware and equipment, he utilised advanced intelligence and security methods to complete his role.

For the past 12 years, Amir has worked individually as an independent investigator and security advisor, assisting security and intelligence firms around the globe, specialising in solving complicated cases. Amir offers a range of investigative services, including:

· Handling personal private investigation cases
· Corporate and co-operative investigations
· Completing official cases of tracking individuals
· Tracing and pinpointing the locations of missing individuals
Solving sensitive intelligence cases requires a sensitive and adaptable operative with the right knowledge, methods and experience to provide the best solution for the client (that remains in the budget).

Amir is here for our clients 24/7, ensuring the needs of your investigation are met. He acts as the eyes and ears for all our clients in the field, protecting their interests. You can rest assured that Amir always ensures full confidentiality and adheres to a professional code of ethics.

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