Special Projects

At Mias Consultants, we conduct technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) through the use of specialist equipment in order to conduct a comprehensive investigation of a sensitive area and whether you’ve been compromised.

Thorough analysis is conducted of the electro-magnetic spectrum of the area to detect any anomalies caused by modern spyware devices.

With modern eavesdropping devices being relatively cheap and easy to obtain both in the UK and abroad, you’re more at risk than ever from being compromised by spyware.

At Mias Consultants, we have a great deal of experience helping both private and commercial clients who fear their private communications are under attack or risk falling under attack at home, in the office or in a vehicle.

If you’re worried that an electronic bug has been planted to attack your private communications, a full TSCM sweep will alleviate your fears.

So what’s involved in a technical surveillance countermeasure sweep?

When you request a TSCM sweep, we’ll carry out a number of tasks, including:

  • Connector.

    Conduct a near field analysis

  • Connector.

    Conduct an analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum

  • Connector.

    Conduct a thermal spectrum analysis

  • Connector.

    Ensure the integrity of all your telephone lines

  • Connector.

    Ensure that all unauthorised transmitters are running on AC power lines

  • Connector.

    Conduct a thorough search for the presence of hard wires, microphones and cameras

  • Connector.

    Search for any dead or dormant transmitters

  • Connector.

    Search for laser and infrared attacks

  • Connector.

    X-ray all suspect objects

  • Connector.

    Conduct a Wi-Fi device search

  • Connector.

    Conduct a Bluetooth device search

  • Connector.

    Locate dormant GSM devices

  • Connector.

    Search for GSM interceptors in the local area

Vehicle Bug Sweeps

At Mias Consultants, we’re aware of your need for complete privacy and security, especially when using corporate vehicles, which is why our vehicle consultation service focuses on the physical and operating security arrangements used in and around vehicles. Our specialist team draw upon their decades’ of experience and expertise in automotive electrical and radio engineering.

Has your vehicle been bugged?
It makes sense to think that if you’ve discovered your home or office has been bugged, there’s a high chance your vehicle has been bugged too. Vehicles are the place of many sensitive conversations, both in person and over the phone so if you suspect your vehicle has been bugged, it’s essential to call in professionals who can detect even the most clandestine bugs. As well as vehicle bugs being able to eavesdrop on your conversations, many of them will track your movements, giving away your location and leaving you without any privacy.

At Mias Consultants, we understand that the types of technology, methods of deployment and restrictions of surveillance equipment vary widely between different vehicles and location, and we draw upon this knowledge to deliver a proportional vehicle search.

Our team at Mias Consultants aim to protect your privacy and your communications from bugging devices, and ensure you can conduct meetings and important conversations confidentially in your executive vehicle.

Mias Consultants Ltd are fully ensured to carry out vehicle bug sweeps, with all our operatives and equipment conforming to all relevant international obligations and requirements needed to ensure safe and secure communications in any road-going vehicle in any global location.

Hire secure and confidential executive vehicles

The team at Mias Consultants have partnered up with Security Drivers International Ltd to provide you with ultimate privacy whilst being safely driven around the UK and Europe. Mias Consultants regularly conduct thorough bug sweeps for tracking and listening devices on every vehicle in the SDI fleet, protecting clients’ privacy and high value goods.

Read More at Security Drivers International

Yacht Bug Sweeps

The Super Yacht industry has dramatically increased over the last few years. More owners are cruising globally and on occasions may cruise through high-risk areas where communications may be vulnerable to unauthorized access attempts.

Today’s yacht is a very high-specification vessel fitted with the latest integrated technical systems.

One of the many invaluable services offered by Mias Consultants is specifically designed to support the owners, of yachts, yacht management and chartering companies and relevant crew and personnel services companies from conception to commissioning of the yacht through to meeting the confidential commercial and operational requirements whilst the yacht is at sea.

Security Services: New Builds – We believe security consultancy conducted at the design stage that is managed within the financial constraints of the project, will most effectively safeguard the vessel and crew from communication risks and will ultimately reduce long-term security costs. At Mias Consultants we are able to provide a specialized security consultancy to clients, reviewing new builds at the design stage.

A detailed review of the general arrangements plan and technical specifications, meeting with relevant personnel and various on- scene surveys will be conducted during the build stage. The initial report will include appropriate security modifications (f applicable) and a number of specific recommendations for the client’s consideration.

Re-Fits – Mias Consultants reviews and proposes technical security systems that have the necessary specifications and blends with the exterior structural design of the vessel. The proposed security program will take into consideration the budgetary requirements and the time scale of the re-fit program.

Electronic Countermeasures Sweep – At the owner, yacht Management Company or captain’s request, an electronic counter-measures team is able to conduct a yacht sweep that identifies covert listening and video devices.

A specialized dog team can also be utilized to provide an enhanced physical search. On board.

Plane Bug Sweeps

Corporate aircraft of all sizes are frequently used as mobile offices and meeting rooms when airborne, or static on the ground, often at low- profile airfields with little or no effective security.

In addition, many corporate aircraft are chartered or leased. In this regard, these aircraft and environments are vulnerable to the placing of electronic eavesdropping equipment that can be disguised as normal electronic and avionic equipment these bugging devices can be really hard to find.

Mias Consultants has the experience and know how to carry out specialized searches on an extensive range of corporate aircraft including:

  • Bombardier Global Express (all models)
  • Bombardier Challenger (602 & 604)
  • Bombardier Lear 45
  • Gulfstream G4, G4SP & G5
  • Hawker 800 & 800XP
  • Dassault Falcon 2000
  • Dassault Falcon 7X
  • Boeing Business Jet (BBJ & BBJ2)
  • Airbus Corporate Jetliner
  • Cessna Citation (10 & Excel)

Mias Consultants plane sweep team have an aviation engineer as part of the team during a bug sweep giving us the appropriate paper work enabling the plane to be signed off and ready for flight immediately safeguarding your privacy during your flights .

GSM Interceptor Locating

There has recently been more media coverage of the use of GSM interceptors within the media both telvision and newspapers have been covering these stories.
GSM interceptors or fake base stations have been found throughout major cities in Europe and the UK and is a growing concern this equipment is being used by criminals and rouge goverments

At Mias we have equipment that can help us trace these GSM interceptors and the experience in how this equipment works to find them .

If you have important business thats needs to be safegaurded we can be on call to respond to your needs and protect you through sensative time .


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