Security and Risk

Our digital forensics services have been designed to provide you with an intelligence-led approach to incidents and investigations, allowing you to take effective and corrective action in order to safeguard your systems and data.

Investigation and advisory services

Our digital forensics experts provide full IT investigations by gathering, analysing and presenting you with the digital evidence you need. Whenever necessary, we make use of specialist tools and equipment to covertly conduct investigations.

Our team of digital forensic specialists are experienced in a wide range of investigative methods, including:

Traditional laboratory based forensic analysis
Network forensics
Covert monitoring
Live & memory forensics
Mobile phone factor forensics

We can carry out our digital forensic services either on-site, remotely at our laboratory (as long as you deposit the relevant material to enable us) or as a full investigation. Our full investigations include on-site attendance, evidence identification, witness interview, system imaging and live network examination, and full case investigation and analysis.

Investigation of Computer Misuse or Breaches of Acceptable Use Policies (AUP)

These services are generally used if you suspect that a member of your staff is abusing or misusing company resources. Our digital forensics investigations include analysing data from a wide range of digital devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, desktop systems and servers in order to detect and secure any evidence of misuse.

Increasingly more organisations are finding that digital forensics services form a vital part in their corporate investigation, and at the team at Mias Consultants can even find the information you need on encrypted mobile phones.

Hand-held device forensics

Whilst the forensic investigation of hand-held devices was once the domain of law enforcement and the security services, it’s now a key component of any digital investigation.

With increasing awareness of just how important this type of evidence can be, so too has the knowledge of admissibility of this date and how it’s obtained.

The days of line managers switching on devices and thumbing through suspects’ text messages are long gone, with specialised techniques being employed to ensure that evidential integrity is maintained. Mias Consultants can investigate all the evidential data which may be contained on the device and provide the resulting data in a number of different formats to all for ease of inclusion in litigation reviews.


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