• Yacht Bug Sweeps

    The Super Yacht industry has dramatically increased over the last few years. More owners are cruising globally and on occasions may cruise through high-risk areas where communications may be vulnerable to unauthorized access attempts.

    Today’s yacht is a very high-specification vessel fitted with the latest integrated technical systems.

    One of the many invaluable services offered by Mias Consultants is specifically designed to support the owners, of yachts, yacht management and chartering companies and relevant crew and personnel services companies from conception to commissioning of the yacht through to meeting the confidential commercial and operational requirements whilst the yacht is at sea.

    Security Services: New Builds – We believe security consultancy conducted at the design stage that is managed within the financial constraints of the project, will most effectively safeguard the vessel and crew from communication risks and will ultimately reduce long-term security costs. At Mias Consultants we are able to provide a specialized security consultancy to clients, reviewing new builds at the design stage.

    A detailed review of the general arrangements plan and technical specifications, meeting with relevant personnel and various on- scene surveys will be conducted during the build stage. The initial report will include appropriate security modifications (f applicable) and a number of specific recommendations for the client’s consideration.

    Re-Fits – Mias Consultants reviews and proposes technical security systems that have the necessary specifications and blends with the exterior structural design of the vessel. The proposed security program will take into consideration the budgetary requirements and the time scale of the re-fit program .

    Electronic Counter Measures Sweep – At the owner, yacht Management Company or captain’s request, an electronic counter-measures team is able to conduct a yacht sweep that identifies covert listening and video devices

    A specialized dog team can also be utilized to provide an enhanced physical search. On board.