• Vehicle Bug Sweeps London

    At Mias Consultants, we’re aware of your need for complete privacy and security, especially when using corporate vehicles, which is why our vehicle consultation service focuses on the physical and operating security arrangements used in and around vehicles. Our specialist team draw upon their decades’ of experience and expertise in automotive electrical and radio engineering.


    Has your vehicle been bugged?

    It makes sense to think that if you’ve discovered your home or office has been bugged, there’s a high chance your vehicle has been bugged too. Vehicles are the place of many sensitive conversations, both in person and over the phone so if you suspect your vehicle has been bugged, it’s essential to call in professionals who can detect even the most clandestine bugs. As well as vehicle bugs being able to eavesdrop on your conversations, many of them will track your movements, giving away your location and leaving you without any privacy.

    At Mias Consultants, we understand that the types of technology, methods of deployment and restrictions of surveillance equipment vary widely between different vehicles and location, and we draw upon this knowledge to deliver a proportional vehicle search.


    Why choose Mias Consultants to conduct your London vehicle bug sweeps?

    The team at Mias Consultants aim to protect your privacy and your communications from bugging devices, and ensure you can conduct meetings and important conversations confidentially in your executive vehicle.

    Mias Consultants Ltd are fully ensured to carry out vehicle bug sweeps, with all our operatives and equipment conforming to all relevant international obligations and requirements needed to ensure safe and secure communications in any road-going vehicle in any global location.


    For more information about our vehicle bug sweeps in London and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call 0207 781 9247 or email us at info@miasconsultants.com.

    Hire secure and confidential executive vehicles

    The team at Mias Consultants have partnered up with Security Drivers International Ltd to provide you with ultimate privacy whilst being safely driven around the UK and Europe. Mias Consultants regularly conduct thorough bug sweeps for tracking and listening devices on every vehicle in the SDI fleet, protecting clients’ privacy and high value goods.