• Electronic Bug Sweeps

    At Mias Consultants, we conduct technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) through the use of specialist equipment in order to conduct a comprehensive investigation of a sensitive area and whether you’ve been compromised.

    Thorough analysis is conducted of the electro-magnetic spectrum of the area to detect any anomalies caused by modern spyware devices.

    With modern eavesdropping devices being relatively cheap and easy to obtain both in the UK and abroad, you’re more at risk than ever from being compromised by spyware.

    At Mias Consultants, we have a great deal of experience helping both private and commercial clients who fear their private communications are under attack or risk falling under attack at home, in the office or in a vehicle.

    If you’re worried that an electronic bug has been planted to attack your private communications, a full TSCM sweep will alleviate your fears.

    What’s involved in a technical surveillance countermeasure sweep?

    When you request a TSCM sweep, we’ll carry out a number of tasks, including:

    • Conduct a near field analysis
    • Conduct an analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum
    • Conduct a thermal spectrum analysis
    • Ensure the integrity of all your telephone lines
    • Ensure that all unauthorised transmitters are running on AC power lines
    • Conduct a thorough search for the presence of hard wires, microphones and cameras
    • Search for any dead or dormant transmitters
    • Search for laser and infrared attacks
    • X-ray all suspect objects
    • Conduct a Wi-Fi device search
    • Conduct a Bluetooth device search
    • Locate dormant GSM devices
    • Search for GSM interceptors in the local area

    Mias Consultants provide eavesdropping solutions

    Once our expert team of electronic security consultants have completed the rigorous process, we will compile a specific and tailored report of recommendations in order to enhance your overall security.

    For more information about how our technical surveillance countermeasure sweeps can protect you from electronic bugs and eavesdropping, call us on 0808 123 4565 or email us at info@miasconsultants.com.