• Mias Consultants Ltd is a leader in electronic bug sweeps known as TSCM throughout the industry using the latest industry recognised counter surveillance technology to conduct bug sweeps for our clients throughout the UK and internationally.

    Mias Consultants can supply bespoke security to safeguard companies and private individuals from information theft. We are fully trained and our operatives continue to pursue professional development and familiarity with the latest new sophisticated transmitting and tracking devices.

    Information is a valuable asset and needs to be treated as such. You or your company stands to lose substantially when unauthorized access to your communications is possible. Let us protect your valuable information and prevent it from becoming a commodity that can be acquired by your competitors.

    Our counter surveillance sweeps teams operate both discreetly and effectively using the best counter surveillance tools and techniques they can detect and locate the most sophisticated eavesdropping and tracking devices.

    Our clients include

    • Private Clients
    • Corporate Business
    • Law & Litigation
    • Embassies
    • Finance

    We also provide a very discrete service for celebrities ¬†and VIP’s

    Utilising our in house teams experience, techniques and our own manufactured equipment we safeguard our clients privacy.

    Mias Consultants Ltd